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How fair is Britain? 2010 Our first Triennial Review

Every three years, the Commission is required by law to report to Parliament on how far Britain has come towards being a fair society - and how far we still have to go. Our new report provides a snapshot of equality, human rights and good relations in 2010.

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The EHRC reports are available from their publications and resources page. The following recent reports are particularly useful and relevant.

All Together Now? A portrait of race in Britain

19th January 2009

February 2009 marks ten years since the Macpherson report highlighted the institutional racism that marred the investigation into the murder of Stephen Lawrence.

Thnicity and Family

19th January 2009

Relationships within and between ethnic groups: An analysis using the Labour Force Survey

Police and racism: What has been achieved 10 years after the Stephen Lawrence Inquiry report?

12th January 2009

Exactly 10 years on from the publication of the Lawrence Inquiry report, the Equality and Human Rights Commission wanted to consider what progress the police service has made in terms of race equality ?

Equality group inequalities in education, employment and earnings: research review and analysis of trends over time

17th December 2008

This report provides the first-ever analysis in a single study of patterns and trends in the educational and work-life experiences of several equality groups.

Early years, life chances and equality: a literature review

17th December 2008

This report draws together existing knowledge on groups within the population who experience disadvantage in life chances.

Mobility, careers and inequalities: a study of work-life mobility and the returns from education

17th December 2008

This report reviews what is known about patterns of work-life mobility for a number of key equality groups: women, ethnic minorities and disabled people.