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Welcome to MCCR

MCCR is Manchester's Community Relations Council, promoting good community and race relations, community cohesion and equality for all throughout the city of Manchester and amongst its residents. It has a management committee of 40 people, who reflect Manchester's diverse communities and are engaged in civic affairs and works to address inequalities and improve quality of life for all.

Our website provides information about MCCR, its roles, projects, such as Manchester Asian Parent Carers, events and details of forthcoming community events and conferences. It also provides links to VCS support and equality organisations, BME research reports and statistics.

Like a lot of VCS organisations, we have undertaken work to meet the new challenges and changes. We have put MCCR policy templates and information about capacity building and funding in 'Resources', which we hope will be helpful to other organisations.

If you would like to comment on or discuss our website or our work, please contact our CEO, N Khan Moghal at n.k.moghal@mccr.org.uk or telephone: +44 (0)7818453546.

  1. MCCR will play a BME community leadership role with key public service providers, policy makers and partnerships. We will participate in ward level, citywide and broader forums and consultative processes and develop positive relations with the media on issues impacting on community and race relations.
  2. MCCR will promote community cohesion by building good community relations between communities and public bodies. We will use our skills in conflict resolution to tackle inter-community conflict. We will address the threat from the far right and extremist groups through partnership working.
  3. MCCR will work with public bodies to ensure that they meet their obligations under equalities and human rights legislation. We will support individuals subjected to racial harassment and discrimination and all victims of discrimination, violence and hate crimes. We will promote understanding of all equalities issues and co-operation between equality organisations.