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Manchester Asian Parent Carers

Manchester Asian Parent Carers provides information and advice, individual and group support services and carers’ activities for parents and carers of disabled children from Manchester’s Asian communities, to promote parent carers’ personal development and independence.

We have approximately 150 registered carers and nearly 100 carers use the service at least once a year (many carers used multiple services on multiple occasions). We receive funds from Manchester Adult Social Care to provide activities and services. We also attract additional revenue income, mainly from charitable trusts, to provide a bigger and broader service delivery programme.

Our service aims to meet the standards for carers’ services:

(a) Information:

  • Regular Asian Parent Carers Support Group meetings. (These are mainly held in Longsight or Moss Side. Carers from other geographical areas receive free transport to meetings.)
  • Home visits to provide information, advice and assistance. (Mainly on welfare benefits and rights, related applications for financial support and access to support services.)
  • Information and advice surgeries at Carer Support Group meetings.
  • Publicity in both English and in Urdu.
  • Networking with relevant parent carer service organisations.
  • Information about other carers’ services and events.
  • Sign posting to other services for disabled children and their families.

(b) Providing a Break:

  • Meetings, group activities and training to enhance parent carer independence and support. (Families are assisted with the above provision through financial support to participate).

(c) Emotional Support:

  • Providing a listening and advice service through home one-to-one meetings, telephone support line, home visits and support group meetings.

(d) Support to Care and Maintain Carers Health:

  • Encouraging and instigating wellbeing activities and breaks for carers.
  • General support for carer group activities, including transport and childcare.

(e) Having a Voice:

  • Encouraging carers to ‘have a voice’ through Support Group “self help”.

If you are interested in obtaining further information about our services, please e-mail our Coordinator Nusrat Ahmed.

Alternatively, please call the office on 0161 227 8708 on Tuesdays.