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12th August 2011

Mancunians Triumph

After the night of destruction, calm has returned to Manchester with a day of major clean-up largely undertaken by volunteers supported by the statutory services.

The Chief Executive of Manchester Council for Community Relations (MCCR) Khan Moghal MBE said, “Having witnessed some horrific scenes of lootings and organized mayhem, Mancunians have triumphed against the ugly forces of criminality. We pay tribute to the residents and workers for their resilience. We also acknowledge the hard work of the Police officers, Fire crews and others for their work in very difficult circumstances. We also support small businesses many of whom have lost a lot and will require immediate assistance to carry on. Therefore, we urge all Mancunians to get back to normal, visit the city centre for usual shopping, ensuring the liveliness of our city.”

The Chair of MCCR Tony Durrant MBE JP said, “The delivery of quick justice will instill confidence amongst the local communities. The lives of ordinary citizens cannot be put at risk by a small minority acting outside the law.”

Khan Moghal further said, “Our city has overcome adversity in the past, and it is doing so now. Our hearts go out to those who have suffered in this mayhem. We are all together in this and we will continue to support each other.”


9th August 2011

Statement of Communities of Manchester

At the meeting of a diverse range of community organisations, community representatives, community leaders and activists held on 9th August 2011, the following statement was agreed:

  • We value the good behaviour of the vast majority of young people who have not involved themselves in mindless criminal activity of greed and destruction. These young people deserve our praise to desist from being drawn into lawlessness which destroys the fabric of our society.
  • We recognise that there are many young people who are vulnerable, and are being targeted by criminals to join them. They need our support. With the help of Youth Workers, we will engage with them by our presence amongst them and talking with them about issues concerning young people. On an urgent basis, we will encourage visible stewarding amongst young people at the Caribbean Carnival at the weekend.
  • We will use social media tools to send our messages to young people not to engage in criminal activity and act responsibly towards their community. Here are a couple of links from youtube that show the impact of riots on a community:

  • We will support the Police in taking decisive and robust action to prevent destruction of property, looting and other criminal activity.
  • We will make good use of opportunities provided by local community radios and newspapers to further disseminate our messages.
  • We will monitor events over the next few days, and endeavour to meet next week to review the situation and look for long-term solutions in conjunction with those in authority at local and national levels.

Prepared by Khan Moghal on behalf of Communities of Manchester


8th August 2011

We will protect our communities

The recent rioting and destruction in Tottenham London over 2 nights is a wake-up call to our local communities in Manchester to be vigilant.

The Chair of Manchester Council for Community Relations (MCCR) Tony Durrant MBE JP said, “The diverse communities of Manchester are extremely concerned at the level of rioting and destruction in Tottenham London for 2 nights running. This was a concerted drive by criminals to disrupt a peaceful demonstration by the local residents.”

The Chief Executive MCCR Khan Moghal MBE said, “We condemn the mindless destruction and looting that has torn the heart out of the local community. The communities of Manchester stand united against such divisive acts of criminals who highjack peaceful demonstrations for their nefarious aims. We are mindful of any copycat acts in our city. We have to be vigilant at all times. People have worked very hard over many years to build our peaceful communities. We will protect our communities. We ask everyone to report any suspicious activity to the Police so that early preventative action can be taken.”

MCCR supports all out local communities in helping the Police to ensure we have safe neighbourhoods where all residents can go about their daily activities without fear of being engulfed in disturbances.

Khan Moghal further said, “We thank Manchester City Council, Greater Manchester Police and community leaders for their combined voice against violence. We want to maintain the peace in our city, and will not tolerate any attempt to sabotage that.”

The situation regarding any tensions is being monitored throughout Manchester, and people are being asked to maintain a high level of vigilance.


2nd August 2011

Time for ADAM Day - 2011

The diverse communities of the region will join hands to celebrate ADAM DAY 2011 under the theme Unity in Diversity.

The celebration will be held on Wednesday 10th August 2011 in The Sheridan Suite, 371 Oldham Road, Manchester M40 8EA starting at 6:30pm. This celebration has been organised by Azeemia Foundation (UK) in partnership with Manchester Council for Community Relations (MCCR). Building on previous years’ successful events, this year’s celebration will again focus on unity achieved through diversity in our society.

The keynote message for the event will be from the Patron-in-Chief of Azeemia Mr K. S. Azeemi.

The General Secretary of Azeemia Foundation UK Councillor Nilofar Siddiqi said,“We want to highlight the efforts of various communities in achieving unity while recognizing our common roots through Adam who is acknowledged by many faiths to be the first human being. All prophets from Adam through Abraham, David, Moses, Jesus and Muhammad (peace be on them all) preached that the family of humankind should live in peace and harmony and not cause unrest in the world.”

The Mayors and Civic Heads of Greater Manchester will also deliver their messages of peace and community cohesion.

Supporting the event, the Chief Executive of Manchester Council for Community Relations Nasrullah Khan Moghal MBE said, “We are pleased to work in partnership with Azeemia Foundation to organize this unique event for the ninth successive year. It will help bring people from different background on a common platform. It will indeed contribute to community cohesion. Building unity through diversity is hard work, and we welcome contribution from every-one.”

Commenting on the event, Sir Gerald Kaufman MP said, “I am delighted that Manchester is celebrating this event for the ninth time. I support Azeemia and MCCR in fostering greater understanding between the diverse range of people in our City. It will enhance the contribution made by every resident of Manchester towards good community relations”.

A regular speaker at the events, Mr Tony Lloyd MP said, “Azeemia and MCCR partnership is crucial in delivering this annual event in order that the diverse communities can demonstrate their steadfastness in unity and against fascism and intolerance. The Adam Day celebration is a symbol of peace and harmony which comes about through hard work. We cannot be complacent and must continue these efforts. I am sure every-one will enjoy the programme.”

ADAM DAY will unite people from different faiths and nationalities and promote friendship and goodwill. Baha’is, Buddhists, Christians, Hindus, Jews, Muslims, Sikhs, Quakers, Pagans, Yogis and other belief groups will participate in the celebration.

We welcome your attendance. Please confirm if you will be attending. Thank you.


1st August 2011

Grief in Norway

Manchester Council for Community Relations (MCCR) is joining hands with all communities in Manchester in expressing grief at the tragic loss of life in the bombing and cold-blooded shootings in Norway carried out by Anders Behring Breivek.

The Chair of MCCR Tony Durrant said, “We mourn the untimely deaths of the many young people, and we join their families and friends in their sorrow. We are alarmed at the possible links of Breivek with the English Defence League (EDL) that might have consequences for Britain.”

MCCR’s Chief Executive Khan Moghal said, "The link with the EDL is a concern for us all. Together, we have defeated the EDL in the past when they brought their evil ideology to Manchester. We are confident the residents of our city are vigilant of any extremist activities anywhere and they will report any suspicious behaviour to the Police for them to take appropriate action.”

Members of all faiths and the diverse communities have already expressed solidarity for our City. MCCR thanks all organisations and people of influence in Manchester for their efforts in maintaining community cohesion at all times


24th August 2010

Flood Disaster in Pakistan

We join with all our communities in expressing our deepest sympathy to all the victims of the flood disaster in Pakistan, and we offer our sincerest condolences to the families and friends of all those who lost their lives. This is the biggest flood disaster that has ever happened in Pakistan, the impact of which is affecting some 20 million people. The death toll is reported to be about 1800 but it is expected to rise.

There is urgent and immediate need for drinking water and food for millions of people many of whom are children. Graphic reports in the media still do not show the real extent of suffering. Medical aid is also of paramount importance to combat water borne diseases.

The Chair of MCCR Mr Wadi Nassar said, “We are all affected by this disaster which has impacted many families in our region. Our wishes are with all families who have suffered.”

MCCR has already responded by supporting fundraising efforts at all levels. We also support the national effort where all agencies have come together, and we appeal people to donate generously to the national fund raising campaign. Many community organisations are raising funds, and we urge members to join hands with these organisations.

MCCR’s Chief Executive Khan Moghal said, “In this time of great need what is most important for us in the City is to work together and support each other by joining our efforts so that relief can reach those in most need as quickly as possible.”


21st April 2010

Archie Downie OBE JP - Passionate Race Equality Campaigner passes away

Born: 13th May 1924 in Jamaica
Died: 21st April 2010 at North Manchester General Hospital

Mr Archie Downie OBE JP sadly passed away on Wednesday 21st April 2010. This is a great loss to his son Milton. Our thoughts and prayers are with Milton and we pray that he bears his loss with patience and strength.

Archie Downie will be greatly missed by many from all walks of life in Greater Manchester, especially Manchester Council for Community Relations (MCCR). Archie Downie was a member of MCCR’s Executive Committee since its formation in 1966. He served as its Chair for two terms. Archie was instrumental in taking MCCR forward through difficult times over 40 years.

Archie Downie played a crucial role during the riots of 1981 by facilitating the engagement of the youth of Moss Side with the Home Secretary William Whitelaw.

On a lighter note, Mr Downie was declared best dressed man in Manchester some 10 years ago. He was involved in many community initiatives and made his mark developing good community relations between diverse communities in Manchester. There is a lot to celebrate because Archie touched countless people and his work helped improve many people’s quality of life.

The Chair of MCCR Mr Mike Hendrickson said, “Archie Downie always energised MCCR’s meetings bringing his experience and wisdom to discussions. It will leave a big gap which will perhaps never be filled.”

The Chief Executive of MCCR Mr Khan Moghal said, “He contributed to debate with charm and finesse mixed with firmness of purpose. We will greatly miss him.”


6th October 2009

Manchester communities say NO to extremism

Manchester Council for Community Relations (MCCR) is joining hands with the Hope, not Hate campaign in condemning extremism which is being brought to our city by EDL (English Defence League) who are congregating in Manchester on Saturday 10th October 2009.

This action by EDL is designed to create divisions within our communities. The communities are standing firmly together with the civic and faith leaders to maintain the community cohesion built up by generations in Manchester.

The Chief Executive of Manchester Council for Community Relations(MCCR) Khan Moghal said, "The previous actions by EDL have resulted in unsavoury scenes. We are asking the people of Manchester not to be provoked by the EDL and their cohorts, and go about their usual activities. We also urge community activists not to be drawn into confrontation with the EDL and to avoid the demonstration. All the diverse communities have a stake in our city, and they will not tolerate any-one attempting to violate this. We will continue to strengthen the bonds between all communities and defeat extremists whether political-minded or faith-based.”

Members of communities will congregate for a vigil on Friday 9th October 2009 at Manchester Cathedral in celebration of diversity and tolerance in Manchester.


5th October 2009

Grayling is off-side on Moss Side

Further to our News Release on 25th August 2009, MCCR invited Chris Grayling to visit Manchester when we would organise a day’s interaction with local communities of Moss Side. Having initially accepted our offer, sadly he has not committed himself to local interaction, even though he is in Manchester at the Conservative Party Conference.


25th August 2009

Grayling is off-side on Moss Side

The Shadow Home Secretary Chris Grayling’s witnessing urban warfare in Moss Side could not be farther from the truth. He has condemned this vibrant community based on his one-stop visit in June. He has clearly not met the local community to gauge any meaningful understanding of Moss Side, its people, its businesses and its community organisations.

The Chief Executive of Manchester Council for Community Relations (MCCR) Khan Moghal said, "It seems that Mr Grayling made no attempt to link with local people. If he had done that, he would have witnessed the community harmony and the partnership that has developed between the communities and the Police and the Council in reducing crime and disorder. Clearly, the Shadow Home Secretary made no attempt to learn about Moss Side before jumping to judgements. He has been found off-side in Moss Side.”

Moss Side is a thriving community due to continuous hard work being done by the various communities living in this neighbourhood with good substantial support from the Police and the Council. People are united in tackling challenges and taking Moss Side into the future with a vision shared by every-one.

MCCR is located in Moss Side. Khan Moghal further said, “Being located in Moss Side for the last 6 years has given us the strength from the local communities to think big for the local area. There have been numerous initiatives by the authorities to enhance the quality of life of Moss Side residents.”

MCCR feels it is rather unfortunate that Mr Grayling’s negative views have come at the same time as Sarah Ferguson’s negative depiction of Wythenshawe. The reality is different, the local media understands this. We only wish the national media based in London would come up to Manchester, spend some time here and understand the people and places of Manchester. They will be pleasantly surprised.


3rd March 2009

Big Lottery Fund supports BME Network for Greater Manchester

big lottery logo

The establishment of a BME Network for Greater Manchester will now become a reality with support from The Big Lottery Fund through the BASIS-2 Programme. The Chief Executive of Manchester Council for Community Relations (MCCR) Khan Moghal said, “MCCR is pleased to have been awarded a 3-year grant to build an effective and sustainable BME Network for Greater Manchester. This will be delivered by working with its prime partner the Manchester BME Network that will act as the delivery body for this project. I acknowledge and appreciate the support given to us by many organisations and individuals.”

The Chair of Manchester BME Network Atiha Chaudry said, “We are extremely delighted to have this support from the Big Lottery Fund to enable us to provide infrastructure support to BME communities in Greater Manchester. This is a much needed opportunity to build a viable BME Network across Greater Manchester over a 3-year period. We will now begin the hard working through engagement with our partners and supporters.”

The Project will provide the following activities:

  • Supporting the development of networks and partnerships between infrastructure providers in each of the 10 local authority areas. The work will be prioritised according to the needs of each area and will focus on one or two areas at a time.
  • Developing support for new and emerging communities to become more involved and benefit from the developing infrastructure locally and sub-regionally. This work will be prioritised according to the needs of each area and will focus on one or two areas at a time.
  • Delivering a programme of tailored infrastructure support services, including training, networking events and an annual conference, involving the project partners, to address identified priorities and gaps.
  • Developing a representative, effective and efficient Greater Manchester BME Network to ensure a strong voice in decision-making in the emerging city-region.


27 January 2009

Humanitarian Crisis in Gaza

The events in Gaza have developed very rapidly. When the conflict started we issued a press release calling for an immediate ceasefire. Our stance developed as the conflict gained momentum with great loss of life.

We have written to the Prime Minister Gordon Brown asking him to work with other Governments and the UN to address the developing humanitarian disaster in the Gaza Strip where many women and children have been killed, entire neighbourhoods destroyed and thousands of people made homeless. We have also expressed our concern at the refusal of BBC (funded by the British people through the TV licence fee) to televise and broadcast the DEC (Disasters Emergency Committee) Appeal for Gaza fundraising.


27 November 2008

Mumbai Terrorist Attacks Condemned

We condemn most strongly the terrorist attacks at the Taj Palace, Oberoi Hotels and the Jewish Centre in Mumbai. This destruction and carnage resulting in loss of life is an act against all humanity.

The Chair of MCCR Mike Hendrickson said, “We stand with the people of Mumbai at this traumatic time. We express our condolences to those who have lost their loved ones, and our thoughts are with the relatives and friends of those affected by this barbaric act.”

The communities of Manchester are also affected as they have many friends and relatives in India.

The Chief Executive Nasrullah Khan Moghal said, “We are shocked at the carnage against innocent people, many of who were just getting ready for dinner. Such acts of hatred and malice will not dent our resolve to support the progressive forces in combating extremism and terrorism. We also pay tribute to the excellent work being carried out by the security and emergency services in dealing with the aftermath of the bombings.”


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