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Manchester City Council's BME Fund
BME Needs and Priorities 2011

MCCR BME Fund Report 2011

Manchester City Council’s BME Funding & Investment Strategy 2008-2011 - MCCR Desk Research Report and Stakeholder Interviews June 20 2008

MCCR BME Needs and Priorities Desk Research 2008

In 2008, Manchester City Council (MCC) commissioned Manchester Council for Community Relations (MCCR) to undertake further research, particularly desk research and stakeholder interviews covering education, employment, health, community safety, housing, social care, community, young people and women, to expand on the Focus Group findings in their 2007 MCC BME Funding and Investment Strategy Research and Consultation report (see below).

‘Intelligent Commissioning’ keeping it small, local and inclusive - a research report from Manchester Council for Community Relations 2008

MCCR Intelligent Commissioning Report 2008

The purpose of this small research project was to complement other Greater Manchester (GM) ChangeUp Consortia projects on commissioning by identifying some of the lessons that can be learnt from the USA, with respect to good practices in commissioning and procurement. The aim was to share lessons learnt and their applicability to Greater Manchester.

Manchester City Council’s BME Funding & Investment Strategy 2008-2011 - MCCR Research Report and Findings of Consultation with the BME VCS - 2007

MCCR BME Needs and Priorities Consultation Report 2007

In 2007, Manchester City Council (MCC) commissioned Manchester Council for Community Relations (MCCR) to undertake a research project to map the needs and priorities of Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) communities in Manchester. The brief provided by MCC was: ‘In 2004, the Voluntary Sector Policy and Grants team at Manchester City Council agreed a funding strategy for 2005-2008 that focused on the needs of newly arrived/rapidly expanding communities and socially excluded BME communities. We now wish to update this strategy by carrying out further analysis of these themes”.

HARMONY PROJECT Intercommunity Conflict Prevention and Resolution in Moss Side, Manchester, RESEARCH REPORT Executive Summary April 2007

MCCR Harmony Report 2007 - Executive Summary

The Commission for Racial Equality (CRE) funded Manchester Council for Community Relations’ (MCCR) Harmony Youth Consultation & Research Project with the aim of preventing, or helping to stop, the escalation of inter-community conflict in Moss Side and to apply any lessons learnt across the City of Manchester. The project was undertaken in Moss Side and surrounding local authority wards in Manchester.

Community Relations:
From Manchester Looking Outwards 2007


This report was written by MCCR's Chief Executive Khan Moghal and he was invited to deliver it to the Manchester Statistical Society at the Manchester Cathedral Visitors Centre on 11th December 2007.

Report Summary

Manchester is home to people from a very diverse range of communities who have come here from different parts of the globe. People have come from Europe (Romans, Huguenots, Jews), Africa, Asia and the Caribbean. Each wave has added to the richness of cultures, religions, cuisines and languages making Manchester a cosmopolitan city. Building good community relations has been an ongoing onerous task. Goodwill from all sections of the communities has enabled the emergence of a united civic voice of Manchester, regardless of challenges faced by each section of our society which resulted in civil unrest. Our experience is a microcosm of society beyond Manchester.

If you would like to buy a copy of the report please contact the Manchester Statistical Society for further details.


BME Infrastructure Mapping in Greater Manchester 2006

Greater_Manchester_BME_VCS_Mapping-Executive_Summary Greater_Manchester_BME_VCS_Mapping-Report_(published)

This is a mapping research report of Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) Infrastructure in the ten Boroughs of Greater Manchester, conducted by Manchester Council for Community Relations (MCCR) in partnership with GMCVO. Both the full Report and the Executive Summary, with additional recommendations for Change Up, can be downloaded from the link above.

2004 Audit and Review of Manchester’s BME Voluntary and Community Sector’s Capacity to deliver Manchester City Council’s BME Funding Investment Strategy

MCCR Audit and Review of Manchester BME VCS 2004

Manchester City Council developed a Funding Investment Strategy for the Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) Voluntary Community Sector (VCS). Manchester Council for Community Relations (MCCR), together with a selected group of other BME VCOs and networks, were external members of Manchester City Council’s partnership Steering Group that helped to oversee the development of this strategy. The strategy aims to move council funding away from traditional revenue grant aid to a “service commissioning and investment led approach”. This research report analyses Manchester BME CVS's capacity to deliver a commissioning led funding strategy.