Leadership Equalities Communities Management

Management, Staffing and Volunteers

MCCR currently employs 10 paid staff, mostly on a part-time basis, a small number of freelance or contract staff and a number of volunteers, who mainly work with the Manchester Asian Parent Carers’ staff team.

Please see the Contact Us page for details of current staff.

Key Staff

MCCR’s Chief Executive is responsible for the day-to-day running of the organisation, the management of staff and is accountable to the Management Committee. He is also the lead person for Leadership, Community Cohesion and Race Equality and Human Rights issues. This includes representing MCCR with external bodies and sitting on high-level committees across the public and voluntary sectors.

MCCR’s Programmes’ Manager is responsible for identifying and managing funded project services and ensuring that agreed outputs and outcomes are delivered within the set budgets. This includes managing hosted and contracted services, organisations and partnerships. He is also the lead person for infrastructure support and capacity building and BME policy research.

MCCR’s Finance Officer is responsible for day-to-day financial matters, from payroll and stock control, invoicing, producing financial monitoring reports for fund managers and preparing management accounts.

Manchester Asian Parent Carers Co-ordinator arranges a range of services for up to 150 registered Asian Parent Carers, mainly women from Manchester’s Pakistani community, and supervises the staff team who deliver these frontline services. She is also responsible for identifying and applying for new funds and maintaining relationships with external bodies, in particular Manchester Adult Social Care.