Leadership Equalities Communities Management

What We Do

Our Key Objectives

  • To work towards the elimination of racial discrimination.
  • To promote racial equality, equal opportunities, diversity and community cohesion.

Mission Statement

Manchester Council for Community relations (MCCR) works towards the elimination of racial discrimination and the promotion of racial equality, equal opportunities, diversity and community cohesion, in the City of Manchester and parts of Greater Manchester County.


We pursue these aims in the following ways:

  • Develop appropriate policies, procedures and initiatives with targeted organisations within the statutory, private and voluntary sectors, promoting their adoption and monitoring and evaluating their implementation.
  • Organise pro-active, targeted public campaigning on specific issues and reactive comment on unforeseen developments relevant to our aims.
  • Provide support to local ethnic minorities and other voluntary organisations in their own endeavour to pursue our aims, by extending advice, information, and assistance, so that they gain access to the skills, knowledge and power, which will consolidate the cohesion of their communities and organisations.
  • Give practical support to individual and corporate victims of racially discriminatory behaviour in circumstances where appropriate support is not available elsewhere.