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Capacity Builders


Capacity builders is a non-departmental government body set up in 2006 to take over the management of the ChangeUp programme and to work with other funders to build the capacity of the Third Sector. The programme gives funding to third sector organisations to enable them to improve the level of support they provide to voluntary and community organisations in their local area. MCCR received funding from Capacity Builders to run the 'Improving Reach Programme' in Manchester in 2007/08.



Futurebuilders England is the government backed £125 million investment fund to help the third sector deliver better public services. The fund provides a combination of loans, grants and capacity building support for organisations that deliver public services.

Greater Manchester Centre for Voluntary Organisation (GMCVO)


GMCVO is the support (infrastructure) organisation for the voluntary sector in the sub-region of Greater Manchester. They aim to strengthen the voluntary sector and influence local and national policy. They work to represent, promote and develop voluntary organisations, working in partnership with other organisations doing similar work.

Improving Support


The replacements for the six current ChangeUp hubs was introduced in April 2008 and consists of nine 'national sector support services' each run by a key VCS agency. NCVO will run the Campaigning & Advocacy, Leadership & Governance and Responding to Social Change Services. ACEVO will lead on Income Generation; Women's Resource Centre will cover Equalities & Diversity; Marketing & Communications will fall under Media Trust; Volunteering England will run the Modernising Volunteering Service; Performance Management will be ran by the Charities Evaluation Serbice and Bassac will cover Collaboration.

The ICT/Workforce hub will not be run as a support service but will be indirectly replaced by ICT and workforce development projects run by Navca, NCVO and Ruralnet UK. £2million of Capacity Builders funding will be used to develop and run the projects.

North West Network


North West Network provides a package of support measures to the region’s voluntary and community sector. North West Network aims to support for emerging networks, develop of wider funding and grant support services and develop of wider intelligence and information dissemination on European affairs.



ACEVO is the Association of Chief Executives of Voluntary Organisations, whose aim is develop and represent the third sector's leaders. ACEVO has over 2000 members, and has been providing support and advice to members for 20 years.



The Directory of Social Change (DSC) is an independent charity established in 1974 with a vision of an independent voluntary sector at the heart of social change. DSC provides essential information and training to the voluntary sector to enable charities to achieve their mission. DSC runs courses, and publishes charity and voluntary sector books on fundraising, management, organisational and personal development, communication, finance and law.



The National Council for Voluntary Organisations gives voice and support to civil society. NCVO believes passionately in the voluntary and community sector, a sector with the power to transform the lives of people and communities for the better.