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External Research by Other Agencies

The Runnymede Trust


Founded in 1968, Runnymede has established and maintained a positive profile on the social and interpersonal benefits of living affirmatively within a society that is both multi-ethnic and culturally diverse; and continues to speak with a thoughtful and independent public voice on these issues today.

The Joseph Rowntree Foundation

Report on Ethnicity and Poverty in the UK 2006.pdf

The mission of JRF is to provide evidence, solutions, and ideas that will help overcome the causes of poverty, disadvantage and social evil. Refer to their about us page for more information.

The Centre for Social Justice


The Centre for Social Justice is an independent think tank established, by Rt Hon Iain Duncan Smith MP in 2004, to seek effective solutions to the poverty that blight parts of Britain.

Urban Forum


Urban Forum is an umbrella body for community and voluntary groups with interests in urban and regional policy, especially regeneration. It was set up in 1994 as the national voluntary organisation through which local and central government could relate to the community and voluntary sectors on such issues.

Other Reports

DCLG Perceptions of Racial Discrimination by Public Services 2008.pdf
LSC ESOL Review Manchester 2008.pdf
CRE Final Report - A lot done, a lot to do 2007.pdf
DCLG State Of The English Cities - Social Cohesion 2006.pdf
The Home Office - Improving Opportunity Strategy 2005.pdf